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Mindset is Programmable

Learning to code was a thought, a theory, kind of like, “Maybe I’ll go up in a hot air balloon one day. There’s not a hot air balloon here, so not today. Where does one even find a hot air balloon? I haven’t seen any floating around my neighborhood. It could be very scary to float that high up. I might fall down and die. The pictures would be nice. The stories I could tell at so many parties might be worth the risk. Then again, I don’t go to parties.” I’ve gone too far with this bit, however learning to code is less risky than taking flight in a basket attached to a balloon.

Why a Comedian Codes

I’m a midwesterner living in New York, City. I live in Manhattan to be specific. I moved far from home to study the art of stand up comedy in New York. I had this idea that I’d learn through practice. I would attend open mics, hone my skills and eventually get spots in popular comedy clubs. Maybe I would land a spot at the Comedy Cellar where the greats have played. Manhattan Island was an important place. Stand up comedy has history on the soil. I wanted my feet on the ground.